My snoopers’ charter posts…

With Theresa May now trying to scare us into accepting the snoopers charter, I realised quite how much I’ve written about the subject since it raised its ugly head earlier this year. Here are links to some of my main posts on the subject….

April 2012:

If you build it, they will come: why building a system like this will create vulnerabilities

Scrambling for safety: my report of the excellent meeting organised by the Open Rights Group, Privacy International, FIPR and Big Brother Watch

May 2012:

A wake up call: lessons from those who know what a real police state is like…

I do not like this CCDP: my poem, Dr Seuss style….

June 2012

A police state: what does a ‘police state’ really mean, and why the snoopers charter might suggest we’re going that way?

Labour and the Snoopers Charter: can we persuade the Labour Party to oppose the bill… and if not, why not?

My submission to the Joint Committee on Human Rights

July 2012

The Myth of Technological Solutions: why it’s foolish to assume technology will solve our security problems….

The Draft Communications Data Bill and the ECHR: my blog for the UK Constitutional Law Group

August 2012

A summary of my submission to the Communications Data Bill Committee

October 2012

An open internet begins at home Mr Hague! My blog for The Justice Gap

My communications data bill Venn diagram – complete with Bond villains and white cats

November 2012

Choose your dystopia – how we’re following fiction: 1984, Brave New World etc… with the snoopers charter.

Wishful thinking – how the whole case for the bill is based on wishful thinking. My talk (and report) from the ISPA conference.

The politics of privacy – why, even if the Lib Dems end up opposing the bill, we may find it hard to defeat!

I’m almost sorry to have written so much – but I do think this is a very important subject… and we shouldn’t let Theresa May’s scare tactics frighten us away… the bill needs to be opposed, and defeated!

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