7 thoughts on “Withdrawal from the ECHR: a Venn diagram…

  1. They’ll find it harder than they think because how do you put it into policy without sounding backward and unreasonable? Which human rights would they remove?

    Also, they will be forced to think about the wider consequences. Why would more backward countries give any regard to human rights if one of the alleged guardians of the ECHR opts out? We’ll see.

    1. Yes, there are all kinds of difficulties ahead: soundbite policies often work out troublesome in practice, and this is a prime example. They haven’t even been able to produce a draft of this ‘British Bill of Rights’ that they’ve been talking about for years….

      1. That’s exactly what I was thinking of when I made my comment, the elusive ‘British Bill of Rights.’

        It’s easy to shout Daily Mail headlines, but when you have to actually sit down and think about it properly, it’s not so easy.

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