A challenge to Labour

Earlier today, Sunny Hundal tweeted this:

“What does it say when Michael Portillo does a better job than Labour in attacking Cameron over Trident remarks?”

A long and interesting twitter conversation followed, involving a large number of people, including @StarSparkle_UK  @Peter_Kirkham  @wlate17  @psimonk  @seth2342  @dbudlov  @marxuquera amongst others.

The gist of the conversation (as I saw it) was a general dissatisfaction with the kind of ‘opposition’ that Labour was providing, and whether that reflected a failure of party politics as a whole, or just of Labour in particular. Some of the people thought it meant that we should give up on party politics altogether – others that party politics was the only way to do things.

I’m not sure what I feel about that – but I am sure that I’m highly dissatisfied with the Labour Party, as I recently ranted… see here….

There are many things I’m dissatisfied about – not least the abysmal behaviour over workfare. To me, Labours policies and pronouncements over education, immigration, welfare, defence (see Sunny Hundal’s comments over Trident), civil liberties, transport and many other things are deeply disappointing. I struggle to find anything that I think Labour are doing right – with the honourable exception of Andy Burnham’s suggestions for the NHS.

So, my challenge to Labour is – convince me that I’m wrong! Tell me why people like me should support Labour. Tell me why I should join the Labour Party!

I don’t want to hear ‘Oh, because the Coalition are doing such terrible things.’ Yes, they are. But at the moment you’re effectively supporting them in doing them – and looking as though if you were in power you’d do pretty much the same, just with slightly softer words. I don’t know exactly what I DO want to hear – but something that offers me some hope.

Sunny, perhaps you could convince someone to write something for Liberal Conspiracy that would give me an answer. Something to convince me that I shouldn’t give up on Labour completely. I’d love to hear it….

10 thoughts on “A challenge to Labour

    1. Thanks, and both worth thinking about – but UNISON’s piece is effectively from 2010, Owen Jones’ blog from 2011. Neither quite ring true today. The points made in the UNISON piece relate to the last period in government, and many of them have been reversed or worse – and Labour shows no signs of willingness to reinstate them. Owen’s piece is also good – but I’m not sure even he would agree with it quite as wholeheartedly as he did in 2011. Labour’s record recently has been terrible – and not just the farce over workfare.

    1. Thanks – and I remember that one. It’s certainly helpful, but seems a touch selective. On the workfare issue, for example, it doesn’t square with either Liam Byrne’s comments or the abstention in the vote. I’d like to hear more, particularly from an official source….

  1. Can’t offer you any specific pieces but you’re saying the same thing as many grassroot members, can I suggest you post this on yourbritain.org – it’s a question that needs answering xx

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