The corporate response to Snowden – 1 minute video

I just recorded a very lo-tech one minute spot for Al Jazeera, on Snowden one year on. I should say, the lo-tech approach is intentional – Al Jazeera wanted webcam, smartphone or equivalent pieces.

My particular subject was the corporate response. Sorry for the dishevelled academic look….


2 thoughts on “The corporate response to Snowden – 1 minute video

  1. There are other reasons for why Ed should not have posed for the Sun photo. There is the whole phone hacking scandal and also the fact that Rupert Murdoch has used the power of the newspaper to try to influence the course of several U.K. Elections. Murdoch has believed for years that he has the power to decide who is elected Prime Minister of this country. Whether his influence is as high as it once was or not, no candidate for that office should be seen to be giving power back to Murdoch. By all means Milliband should support the fact that Murdoch does provide a useful service by publishing The Times and Sky satellite services. However, he should be keeping Murdoch out of British politics. This ought to be dead easy to do after the phone hacking fallout.
    Posing for a photo like this is not an endorsement of the England football team – it is an advertising endorsement for a newspaper. There is no difference from Milliband appearing in adverts for cologne or potato crisps. This is not an appropriate thing for a prospective Prime Minister to be doing.
    There is also the attitude that The Sun is an unpleasant newspaper which seems to deliberately dumb down and talk down to the British public. I am not being snobby about this. The Metro in the U.K. manages to be a popular newspaper without talking down to people, as does the Daily Mail whatever, you think if its politics.

    1. I agree with all of that – and there’s more too. It’s also another echo of Blair’s desperation to get close to Murdoch…

      I’m afraid your comment got attached to the wrong post, though – it’s come out on the Snowden video!

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