One thought on “#IPBill Christmas cards… the collection…

  1. Hi Paul
    The first thing I saw when I opened my Email was Tony Blair’s face. Not a pretty sight, but it reminded me of my earlier browsing:

    NTAC Decryption 1999
    NTAC, a shadowy intelligence cell, was set up by Tony Blair’s Labour government in 1999 to counter encryption and act as the UK’s codebreaking specialist.
    Soon after it was founded, parliament’s powerful Intelligence and Security Committee was told NTAC would be funded to provide 24 hour support for “all the law enforcement, security and intelligence agencies” by gathering intelligence from “lawfully intercepted computer-to-computer communications and from lawfully seized computer data.”
    The Register’s investigation found that banks and airlines are included as authorized targets. Moreover personal financial details can be intercepted, stored, decrypted, and copied.
    Some airlines, including British Airways (BA), voluntarily hand over their passengers’ information, while other companies are subject to tapping warrants, the Register claims.
    Campaigning MP David Davis told the Register that the new revelations mean the debate on surveillance powers over the last fifteen years appears to have been nothing but “a charade about data that the government very likely already held.”

    Big Brother is born. And we find out 15 years too late to stop him

    Home Office News Release, 30/03/2001, 096/2001
    3. NTAC will undertake any processing necessary to make intercepted material intelligible. NTAC will not analyse the intelligible content of any intercepted material. That will remain a function for the agency which applied for the interception warrant.

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