A little more on #IPBill encryption…

Before issuing a ‘Technical Capability Notice’ – for example to remove encryption – a number of things must be taken into account:

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 16.37.25

One thing, however, notably absent from this is any other effect on people other than ‘the person (or description of person) to whom it relates’. That, however, could be the crux of the problem. In the Apple vs FBI case, for example, the objection that Apple have to doing what the FBI want, is not the effect it might have on the (deceased) owner of the particular iPhone at all. Rather, the objection relates to the effect first of all on other users of iPhones, next on other people who might be subject to similar court orders, and thirdly on the overall balance between security of individuals and the perceived security of the state.

None of these objections would seem to count in relation to a Technical Capability Notice. Further, the broader context, the implications for human rights and so forth simply don’t enter the equation.

Perhaps they should.

3 thoughts on “A little more on #IPBill encryption…

  1. Hi Paul
    We are in a state of surveillance, we are a surveillance state.
    With very few exceptions, all of our TV, radio and news papers are now part of the government propaganda machine, all but the Internet. Its only natural that government agencies would want control. As far as they are concerned its control or destruction and that is just what’s happening at this moment. They are addicted to control just as every leadership in the history of the world has been addicted.

    Its all about control, its always about control, but not the things we think are being controlled. Governments create problems so that they can be seen to be controlling problems. The Internet is a place where people can talk to each other and jointly or independently decide for themselves the real reasons for government policy or any other issues and this is independent thinking , thinking for yourself. Independent thinking is taboo to all those who strive to control, it scares them.
    Control inevitably includes censorship and censorship of the Internet is the goal.

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