A poem for Theresa May

This is for #NationalPoetryDay. Short, but far from sweet.

It’s happened before

We’ve seen where it leads

But forgotten the signs

While sowing the seeds

Of hatred and anger

Division and pain

So we’re failing and falling

All over again.


2 thoughts on “A poem for Theresa May

  1. And we can’t claim the slow boiled frog excuse for not getting out of the hot water, turning the heat OFF, and throwing in tonnes of ice cold common sense to cool things down.
    Along with lots of Socialist solutions =
    * building 10s of 1 000s of social, rented, houses;
    * fully funding Healthcare;
    * ditto Education
    * clearing out the carpetbaggers and privatising spivs who are running Our==NHS;

    and so much more which will help eliminate the pinch points which lead to disharmony, which is then blamed on immigrants, rather than the Tory Gov’t which is engineering the crisis

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