The Return of Mr Gove!

The Return of Mr Gove Cover

Mr Gove was Back.

He had always known he would be. A Prodigious Talent like his could not be held down for long. He knew that even Little Miss Maybot would recognise that eventually, and she was generally almost completely unaware of anything going on around her at all. In her Hour of Need, Mr Gove knew she would come to him. And she did.

So he was Back.

Of course if he had been in charge instead of Little Miss Maybot, they would never have been in the pickle they were now. Mr Gove would never have let that awful Mr Corbyn get nearly so close – because Mr Gove had a Winning Personality and Endless Charm, unlike Little Miss Maybot. Now, that Winning Personality and Endless Charm would be brought to bear.

And everything would be better from now on.

Mr Gove Close up

Mr Gove had been a little worried that it would take a bit longer to return.

Some people had not really understood that his decision to throw Mr Blowhard under a bus – and not even a bus with ‘£350m a week to the EU’ painted on the side – had actually shown that Mr Gove was loyal, trustworthy and a Good Friend. Still that was the past, and in the end they would realise how wrong they were.

At least Little Miss Maybot had begun to realise that she – and the country – needed Mr Gove. And she did. By Golly she did. Without him, the Tory Party had lost its way. It would be up to Mr Gove to save it, and to save the country.

And he could do it. He knew he could.

Mr Gove Super Close up

Little Miss Maybot had not been perceptive enough to give him one of the jobs he really deserved, but at least she had given him a job he was well suited for.

Of course he wasn’t an expert in Farming or the Environment – but everyone knew that Britain had had Enough of Experts. Mr Gove did, however, know more about Farming and the Environment than he had about education – after all, he had visited a farm a couple of times when he was ten, and once been for a ramble in the Cotswolds – and his time as the Secretary of State for Education had been an Absolute Triumph.  Everyone knew that.

And being in charge of the Environment was great too. At least there wasn’t any of that awkward ‘science’ stuff involved – the stuff that had caused him so much trouble when he was in education. Everyone knew that the environment wasn’t anything to do with science. All that lefty ‘climate change’ rubbish could be quickly shelved – and quite right too!

Mr Gove Super Close up 2

And now that his other Great Triumph had come to pass – Brexit – he had plenty more Good News to tell the farmers.

They would be so happy, he was sure, that Brexit had relieved them of all those terrible subsidies that were plaguing them with paperwork and money.  Farmers were like that. Strong. Independent. They didn’t like getting money from those faceless Eurocrats.

And they’d be delighted to contribute more to the Europeans when the tariffs started to kick in.

And absolutely ecstatic that they no longer had to use any of those young, healthy and hardworking European labourers that they’d been using for the last few years. Things would be much better when they’d replaced them with British workers.

Oh yes.

Mr Gove smiled to himself when he thought about it. Everyone was going to be happy with Mr Gove. And the world would be right again.

Mr Gove was back.

The Return of Mr Gove Cover

8 thoughts on “The Return of Mr Gove!

  1. Perfect (and much needed!) antidote to Goves return. Just had my girlfriend in stitches by reading this out to her “in the style of” the TV cartoons – knock a few of these out as short animations with a decent voiceover as per the originals and you’d be a YouTube legend by lunchtime!

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